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 Descriptions of treatments:
Art Therapy uses visual and creative processes to help explore emotions

Energetic Healing works with the subtle body and emotions 
Reiki is helpful for trauma and grief

Art Therapy

Welcome to Art Therapy. 
What is Art Therapy? 
It is a modality that uses creative processes to help people express their unconscious. 
It is in the unconscious where people often find meaning and answers to their life.

In an Art Therapy Session a client may use mediums such as paint, collage, oil crayons, and clay to express what is happening in their inner landscape. 
No prior experience in art is necessary, this is about expression, not about making professional art. 
I assist clients in exploring their art piece to express the meaning within.

Energetic Healing


Energetic  Healing is a term used for any therapy that works on the energy flow of the human body.  One if the biggest areas that it impacts on is emotions, so it is a type of emotion therapy.

It works, by releasing the feelings and thoughts that hold people back, by balancing and uplifting their life force or “chi."
Using such tools as 
Chakra Balancing, Meditation Techniques and Energetic Clearing 

I act as a facilitator to help the client to break through negative patterns and get their energetic flow happening. 



Reiki is a healing energy that flows through the therapist into a client’s body. It’s an incredibly helpful treatment for when you are feeling low spirited, depressed or experiencing grief.

 Originating from Japan it works by uplifting and balancing your “chi” or life force Energy.

Also known as “hands on healing” clients say it feels like a wonderful, glowing radiance that flows through and around them.  Clients often go into a meditative state and feel much calmer and lighter after a session. Hands are placed onto or above your body in certain locations and I help you with deep breathing  and relaxing.

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