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Rachel is a gifted and compassionate therapist and I would highly recommend anyone needing some healing hands to visit Rachel.

Kim Williams

About Me

My intention is one of the most

important aspects of my work.

Assisting people with their health is a beautiful way that I can help in the world.

I work with people from my heart centre and help them facilitate what's in theirs.

I've been having Massage Treatments from Rachel for the last 3 years and I've never had a better therapist than Rachel. She puts me at ease as soon as I walk in the clinic and asks me practical questions about my health.

Her practice is a Holistic approach with understanding you as a person, she is respectful and has never made me feel uncomfortable.

I felt so impressed and comfortable with her that I have given family members gift vouchers for Rachel's treatments.

Her clinic is spotless and she gives you time to adjust into and out of the massage.

Rachel does have a spiritual aspect without being too airy-fairy, she has a practical approach to her work and I highly recommend Rachel for a treatment. 

Alice Anderson

I love travelling, I’m very curious as to what is in the world and why.

After travelling to many countries, I looked around and thought.

“Oh no, the world is in quite a mess, somebody better do something!” and like many people I came to the conclusion that

“I’m somebody.” So I embarked on a huge learning curve to gain knowledge and skills that can bring some balance and peace into people's lives.

I started at the basics with Massage learning Physiology and Anatomy. After I got my Diploma in Remedial Massage I started at The Buddha Bar Healing Clinic where I worked for 7 years, during that time I also completed Certificates  in Pregnancy Massage and Myofascial Release.


Working at a Healing Clinic, such as The Buddha Bar, you encounter so many different types of needs and wants and one of the biggest things I observed was the mind/emotion/body connection.  I saw and felt in people’s bodies how much their emotional state and thoughts affected their body. Being a Reiki Practitioner gave me a tool to help with people’s emotional energy and a Diploma in Energetic Healing helped me further assist people body and soul. Healing is a journey that can take many forms going into the dark places of the soul, exploring grief and frustration. The most helpful thing I can do for people is hold space for them and assist them venture into themselves in a safe and nurturing environment. 

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